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Jingdezhen International Ceramic Fair Conference
Author Fromupdate time2011/9/8
Jingdezhen City Mayor Liuchanglin Convoke To Arrange Ceramic Affair Related Task
September 5th, Jingdezhen city mayor Mr. Liuchanglin convoke a mayor office conference to arrange Jingdezhen ceramic fair preparing tasks, and listened the report of China Jingdezhen international ceramic fair organiser.
Minutes of the meeting: The China Jingdezhen International Ceramic Fair is approaching, everything is under control. Every persons in charge should focus on their own jobs well; It is also very important to keep Jingdezhen city clean and neat; next thing is security, includes safety and smooth traffic; Medical service should be fully prepared before the Jingdezhen Ceramic Fair; Hotel accomodation also should be arranged in advance; To hire strong volunteer team for the international ceramicfair.
  The conference also researched some other business.
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