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World Longest Porcelain Dragon
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World biggest 56m long blue and white porcelain dragon shown up in Jingdezhen¡¯s Changnan Lake.
September 18, located in Jingdezhen¡¯s Changnan Lake, 56m long, 13.8m high, the world biggest ¡°blue and white porcelain dragon¡± had been built. The dragon is vivid, with a fountain spray in its mouth, 2 front claws in sky, head facing upward and straight chest.
Dragon is Chinese traditional totem for many generations, means lucky and saint animal. Jingdezhen has more than 1000 years porcelain producing history. The dragon is built in the beautiful Changnan lake, with 56m long (means 56 nationalities in China), 13.8m long (means 1.3 billion population), 260,000 porcelain chips, 12.8 tons of steel bars, 32 tons of cement. The dragon also implies Jingdezhen city is developing rapidly.
jingdezhen porcelain dragon
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