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Activities of 2011 Jingdezhen Ceramic Fair
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2011 Jingdezhen Ceramic Fair: Various Culture Activities To Proceed
As 2011 Jingdezhen Ceramic Fair is approaching, as per the requirement of ¡°create new method, expand influence, promote transaction, serve for the industry¡±, all preparing tasks is in a key stage. To express Jingdezhen city¡¯s splendid ceramic culture to customers from home and abroad, Jingdezhen city¡¯s culture&media department taking strong responsibility, carefully preparing, precisely arranging, hardly working, strive to present a spendid culture festival to customers from home and abroad.
There are 8 culture activities: the 4th Jingdezhen international artistic porcelain auction; imperial ceramic culture international forum; saint fire collect and transmit and ¡°3 saint potter public memorial ceremony¡±; ceramic fair theatrical show; Jingdezhen Yuan dynasty, Ming dynasty, Qing dynasty ceramic kiln refiring, and open kiln certification; Jingdezhen ¡°eight friends of mount pearl¡± ceramic art forum; World ceramic city (Jingdezhen) mayors summit, ans 2011 the 1st China Kaolin international ceramic art exhibition.
It is told, the 4th Jingdezhen international artistic ceramic auction is via Beijing Easter&Western Auction company. Until now, more than 200 pieces of works are collected. The pre-exhibition will be held in Zijing hotel Jingdezhen on 18-19 October, and the official auction is due at 3PM 20 October.
On 20-21 October during the Jingdezhen Ceramic Fair, the 1st imperial ceramic art international forum will be held. Then, experts and professors from the States, British, Australia, Japan, Korea, France, Hongkong, Taiwan, Macau, Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing around 120 persons will participate the forum. The forum will lay emphasis on Jingdezhen imperial kiln¡¯s significance of protection and inheritage, the artistic achievement of imperial kiln porcelain, the significance of imperial kiln excavation, and imperial ancient site national archaeology park construction¡¯s meaning and suggestion¡¯s application. It will also have a touring exhibition of ceramic topic in China; It will offer high-end reproduction service for musuems with imperial kiln¡¯s traditional technique.
Jingdezhen dome kiln in Yuan dynasty, Gourd kiln in Ming dynasty, Zhen kiln in Qing dynasty are typical porcelain kilns. Had completed the re-firing Zhen kiln in 2009, re-firing gourd kiln in 2010, the dome kiln will be re-firing in the morning of 20th Oct. And the 3 dynasties kilns will be firing at same time, will be opened in the morning of 23rd Oct, and the works will be certified.
¡°8 friends of pearl mountain¡± is the famous artists of Jingdezhen at the early period of last century, and their porcelain painting are excellent with respective personal character, and different styles, delicate skills. On 19th October, the ¡°8 friends of pearl mountain¡± ceramic art forum will be held to propagandize Jingdezhen furtherly, and promote ceramic art¡¯s inheritage, creation and development.
The ceramic fair variety show will be based on previous 7 versions of ¡°porcelain capital amorous feelings¡±, and to present porcelain songs, porcelain dancing, porcelain music, strive to provide a refined ¡°porcelain capital amorous feelings¡±. The show will be held on 20th, 21st, and 22nd October.
Besides, the Jingdezhen ceramic fair will have traditional ¡°3 saint potters public memorial ceremony¡±, saint fire collecting, and the ceremony showcase.
The series culture activities will definitely increase culture atmosphere to the jingdezhen ceramic fair, and manifest porcelain capital¡¯s culture characters, and elevate porcelain capital¡¯s culture taste.
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