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Appraisal Completed of the 1st Kaolin Competition
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Appraisal Completed of the 1st Kaolin International Ceramic Art Competition 2011
Kaolin Ceramic Art Competition
Recently, Appraisal Completed of the 1st Kaolin International Ceramic Art Competition 2011. The 16 expert committee composed of ceramic artistic masters, professors coming from China, Finland, America, japan and other countries carefully selected and appraised the works presented in the competition. There are 15 gold, silver, and bronze prizes, and 148 pieces of work being selected as excellent.
At the Jingdezhen Art gallery, on October 5, an Japanese artistic academy member said: all the selected works are modern, traditional, brand new, or very creative; even they are not at the top of world class, but they are still very good, as the preparing time was so limited; At present, many Chinese artists are striving to enter a new artistic realm, and I feel very admired and delighted. He just saw the traditional ceramic work area, and his favorate one is í░mountain and water painting combinationí▒, which Japanese artists can not create.
It is introduced, the prize winning works, no matter in material using, or creation concept all represent the current world ceramic art developing trend. This competition, which is directed by State ministry of culture and China light industry association, is supported and assisted by the UN educational, scientific and cultural organization ceramic art association, China Arts and Crafts Association, China Ceramic Industry Association, and China Art Academy. The works collection started since July, which arouse wide attention worldwidely. The registered person numbers reached 1019, including 167 foreingers, and 852 artistis in China.
Duringt he Jingdezhen Ceramic Fair, all the selected works, prize winning works, and committee members representing works will be displayed together. At mean time, the sponsor said, the China Kaolin International Ceramic Competition will be more and more international with high academic taste, and importance.
Kaolin Ceramic Art Competition
Kaolin Ceramic Art Competition
Kaolin Ceramic Art Competition
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