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Jingdezhen Creative Ceramic Market
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Jingdezhen Creative Ceramic Market: creation selling
¡°The little staff is really interesting!¡± ¡°this idea is really creative¡±, in front of a booth, a herd of tourist were praising, loving what they bought just now.
Every Saturday morning, in Jingdezhen creative ceramic market, a group of college students bring their potter products for selling, and get high income.

Jingdezhen Cerative porcelain market

A young lad was introducing his products, he is the owner of the booth, named Liu ZhenGuang. In his booth, there were various ¡°frogs¡±, dinnerware with cabbage shape, and so on. Mr. Liu gave meaningful name to his products, like ¡°frog traveling around world¡±, and ¡°fortune coming into your home¡±. They are selling ideas rather than porcelain products.
Regarding his ideas, he said, inspiration is from real life, when he was young, he liked to play around a river, seeing many frogs jumped into river, or stayed on a stone. He thinks these are artistic gift given by nature. Now, ¡°frog traveling around world¡± and ¡°fortune coming into your home¡± are famous products in the porcelain market.
Many other booths were also surrouded by tourist, trading voice lasts. ¡°when I have time, I will come here for purchasing. The artistic porcelain products are different from what's in outside market, really attracting for me.¡± Mr. Zhang from Jiangsu province said. He spent RMB800 this time for a tea set, planning to send to his friend. ¡°We are willing to buy these products made by college students, because they are thoughtful, full of passion, unique, and valuable.¡±
The market in charge said, every Saturday morning, more than 100 booths are displayed here, and the products are liked and bought by tourists and customers, making a new phase of ¡°porcelain gone all over the world¡±.
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