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2012 Jingdezhen International Ceramic Fair
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Highlights of 2012 Jingdezhen International Ceramic Fair; preparation is actively conducted
August 27, Jingdezhen International Ceramic Fair Press was hold in Jingdezhen, it said the 9th Jingdezhen International Ceramic fair will be hold from October 18 to October 22 2012 at the China Ceramic Museum. 2012 Ceramic fair preparation jobs are conducted actively. Currently, commercial part, marketing, location arrangement are proceeding steadily, and achieved outstanding result. Different from the past, 2012 fair has more characters and highlights on orientation, exhibitors, marketing type, supporting activities.
More exhibitors brands and more international
Displaying and trading are the main content of each Ceramic Fair. Therefore, on exhibitors and purchaser's invitation, the organizer strives to focus on brand and majoring. Their aim is to invite more brand enterprises and dedicated customers.
The coming fair will have nearly 700 enterprises or individual participants, including Guangdong, Hebei, Guangxi, Hunan, Jiangsu and the like ceramic production area. 42 overseas exhibitors will also participate, due to the city officials promotion, among them, Hungary and Portugal teams are the first time to exhibit, which includes 14 countries brand. This will be the richest and highest level overseas ceramic porcelain displaying, especially, the top ceramic enterprise Japanese Chinese cymbidium club will also participate to exhibit and communicate. Hi-tech ceramic achievement exhibition attracts Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Tsinghua University and other 40 universities, science academy, and high-tech ceramic enterprises.
The activities during the fair, is not only a local culture displaying, but also an effective way to promote ceramic fair influence. On promoting culture, enlarging business, and authoritative information, the organizer arranges 5 categories more than 10 supporting activities:
To hold trading and investment activities; to hold information release conference; To conduct series of professional competitions: religious ceramic design competition, ceramic art Baihua award competition, college student ceramic art creation competition, China's 10 art ceramic celebrities competition; dedicate exhibitions: China-Japan-Korea art ceramic show, contemporary art ceramic show, porcelain pieces from "Fuzhou Pintanwanjiao Yihao" sunken ship show, and Pearl Mountain imperial porcelain factory products show; To hold ceramic saint fire relay, Song Dynasty kiln re-fire and certificating.
Enlarge and optimize venue resources, and better marketing
In the 2012 fair, the main hall of China Ceramics Museum provides only special booth, and based on previous fairs, it offers 10 famous kiln products show, hi-tech ceramic achievement show. Additionally adds standard booth and college student creation products booths outside the museum, which fully uses the venue resources, makes marketing job more effective.
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