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Brief Introduction to Ceramic Art
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Brief Introduction to Ceramic Art
As we all know, China is the originated country of porcelain and ceramic. In 5000 years of civilization of human history, ceramic art relates with nationí»s prosperity and destiny, along with Chinese descendant from primitive society to civilized society. Ceramic artí»s content are very rich, and its function are broad, permeating to various aspects of material life, mental life and social life. Ceramic art has nationí»s characters and culture value, which has significant function to understand the nationí»s characters, Psychological tendency and values.
Ceramic and porcelain played a very important role in each dynasty and stage of China. Therefore, it has some regret that all types of ceramic culture artistic style lasted just a period, and when the dynasty is over, the characters are also terminated. But as a material consuming method, it comes out repeatedly, and survived and continued in Chinese blood.
First of all, we need to understand what ceramic and ceramic art are. Ceramic and porcelain is solid matter made from certain proportion of clay material, non-plastic raw material and flux material after smashing, molding, and firing process of chemical and physical reaction. While ceramic art is: using high plasticity clay, with hand shaping or certain scientific assistance shaping, after firing, it forms a solid, long-lasting ceramic art work.
Thereí»s a saying in China: smart wife caní»t hardly cook without any rice. Without fine clay, no matter how high an artistí»s level is, he caní»t make any progress. The common material we use are ceramic clay and porcelain clay, which are all processed, they have fine texture, easy to be shaped. Polymer is another material, which is a kind of low temperature ceramic, and are colorful, and can be cut at your will, not hand-sticky.
Tools used during creation are: sculpture tool, base-repairing tool, clay-shaping knife, glaze applying hand brush, hand rolling plate, clay-cutting thread and so on.
Common equipment are: pottery wheel, ball-mill, blender, vacuum pug mill, vibration screen, iron-removing machine, glazing machine, grinding machine, polishing machine, electric kiln, steam kiln. Users may purchase them as per their own need.
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