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Jingdezhen Sent Gift Porcelain to British Queen
Author £º From£ºYushine Ceramicsupdate time£º2013/6/23
Jingdezhen City Delegation Sent Gift Porcelain to British Queen
Jingdezhen city deputy Mayor Fenglinhua visited London recently and present gift porcelain to Queen of England. In the magnificent Buckingham Palace, the British Queen Elizabeth II dressed in costumes, met Fenglinhua delegation.
During the meeting, Fenglinhua congratulated Queen¡¯s 60th anniversary of reign, 86 year birthday, and 66th anniversary of diamond wedding. And he presented her a commemorative porcelain ¡°peaceful¡±. Queen happily accepted this special gift.
¡°Peaceful¡± are designed and produced by the Chinese artist professor Fenglinhua and Ninggang.
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