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World Handicraft and Folk Art City
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Jingdezhen successfully applied United Nation¡¯s ¡°World Handicraft and Folk Art City¡± and ¡° Member of Global Creational City Network.
From officially application to officially submit material, the process lasted one year. And 21 months is the period of the dream become reality.
Jiangxi provincial officials paid great attention to the application when the started in March 2013. They came to Jingdezhen frequently to guide and research the process and made clear requirement.
Jingdezhen municipal government also paid great attention to the application. They made strategy of international view. That is from United Nation¡¯s creational city and folk art capital, gradually step forward to non-material cultural heritage¡¯s application. And finally win the title of Material cultural heritage for Jingdezhen city.
To ensure the application move smoothly, the city also hired famous expert, professor, and researcher. They expressed their thoughts and valuable suggestions during the process.
The titles¡¯ winning gives the city more confidence and experience on ¡°non-material cultural heritage.
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